Work With Purpose

Becoming an advance funeral planner means more than selling policies. It's a calling to help every family you touch find meaningful connection after a loss. You'll provide a healthier path to healing at a time when it's needed the most.
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Be part of an award-winning culture

At the heart of everything we do, our core values and beliefs inspire us. They animate every choice and every action, reminding us of what matters. Named a Top Workplace for nine consecutive years, Precoa is rooted in support and inclusion. Your team will feel like family, and they will always have your back.



With Precoa, what I do doesn’t feel like selling. I’m helping families, and that makes me look forward to coming to work each day.

Kyle Newmark

Advance Funeral Planner

Precoa equips you with all of the training, manpower, and opportunities you need to be more than successful!

Mandy Rodriguez

Advance Funeral Planner

Working for Precoa has been life-changing, they go above and beyond to make the job simple so I can focus on the families I meet with. The environment is one of encouragement and assistance so I always feel like I have people to turn to if I need help.

Max McCann

Advance Funeral Planner

I wanted work I could be passionate about, where I could make a difference. My best advice is to take that first step. You won’t regret it.

Jon McMurray

Advance Funeral Planner

Precoa is a class-act! I never imagined how great this career could bring both purpose and passion together and you can earn a great income!

Curtis Huffman

Advance Funeral Planner

Ready to discover what it’s like to be an Advance Funeral Planner?

Do what you love

Your talent for connecting with families should always take center stage. We’ll work tirelessly behind the scenes so your unique skill set can shine.

Unbelievable support

This isn’t like other sales jobs where everything rests on your shoulders. We’ll do all the work for you to generate leads and set quality appointments.

Serve a meaningful purpose

This is so much more than making a sale. Everyone benefits from a prearranged funeral, and families will be truly grateful that you took the time to help.

Be independent, not alone

Your success drives our success. Together, we’ll work towards a shared purpose, helping you every step of the way.

Earn what you want

The sky’s the limit with unlimited earning potential

Be your own boss

Independence and self-motivation have always been your strong suits

Growth through expert coaching

Hone your skills with help from our experienced team

Make a difference

Your workdays will be fulfilling and meaningful

Get unlimited support

We’ll generate leads and set appointments

Take the trip of a lifetime

Earn the trip of a lifetime—as many times as you like!

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