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Holloway receives the full-scale support they deserve

Quality attracts quality. Holloway Funeral Homes hold themselves accountable for supremely high standards of excellence.

So it’s no surprise that these standards apply equally to their partners. Having a complacent preneed program best described as ‘rudderless’ was unacceptable.

Holloway needed a forward-thinking preneed partner. A partner known for being progressive, effective, and who is above all obsessed with creating the most remarkable experiences for both funeral homes and families.

And that’s why they chose Precoa.

From a Storied Past to a Progressive Present

Talk about a meet-cute. Jonathan Holloway, a 5th generation funeral director, gets his BA in business management and then leaves his native Maryland for Denver, where he winds up working at a local funeral home.

Meanwhile, Britta gets her BS in mortuary science and soon begins working in that same Denver funeral home. The two fall in love, get engaged, and head back to Maryland with their sights set on moving the family funeral home into the future.

“Holloway has always been progressive,” Jonathan said. “In college, I started helping with strategic projects and business reviews to improve our business. When I returned to the funeral home, I knew I wanted to marry together the care we provide for others with business strategy and future-focused service offerings.”

The funeral home’s preneed program, however, still lagged behind.

Complacent Preneed Before Precoa

The problem with Holloway’s preneed program was a familiar one. Their preneed provider did not offer the attention or support they needed, and there was no roadmap for growth.

“It was all status quo with no clear-cut plan,” Britta said. “The entire lead generation program consisted of sending out a price increase once a year. Everything was being deployed on a hope and a prayer.”

It was a far cry from the preneed experience they were used to. The funeral home where Britta and Jonathan met was partnered with Precoa. They both had seen the level of strategy and support that was possible.

So, they took the first step and asked for a market share analysis.

Introducing Precoa’s Proven Proactive System

As familiar as the Holloways were with Precoa, there was still a lot to learn about everything ProActive Preneed® entails.

“We were looking for a lot of guidance with our preneed program,” Jonathan said. “When Precoa came in and gave us a roadmap based on the market share analysis, their commitment was clear. They took the time to educate us as consumers of their product so that we could make an informed decision. That kind of support and guidance was not what we received from previous providers.”

2x your preneed

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That roadmap soon became the framework for a robust lead generation and lead management system that helped Holloway start getting more preneed leads, setting more appointments, and prearranging more families.

“Precoa showed us our potential, and they were also able to come in and build relationships with our leadership and our staff,” Britta said. “They had a rigorous training program for preneed advisors, and I like that their plan is tried and true.”

Jonathan agreed.

“The proven framework Precoa has created—it works.”

The proven framework Precoa has created—it works. Jonathan Holloway Holloway Funeral Home

2x Preneed is More Than a Marketing Slogan

Within a year of partnering with Precoa, Holloway Funeral Homes more than doubled their preneed. It’s in keeping with Precoa’s brand promise to significantly grow and sustain preneed sales.

Still, seeing is believing.

“When I heard Precoa’s messaging about 2x preneed, I thought, ‘That’s bogus, it’s just marketing,’” Jonathan said. “But when we hit not only 2x but exceeded the targets Precoa had set above that, I got pretty excited.”

Precoa also connects with families throughout the community and builds real value for the Holloway brand.

The planners treat our families with care. They are creating dialogue and building brand awareness and equity. Jonathan Holloway Holloway Funeral Home

“We got a survey back recently complimenting our planner from the Funeral Planning Center by name just like any other member of our staff,” Britta said. “The planners treat our families with care. They are creating dialogue and building brand awareness and equity, and it’s exciting to hear that kind of feedback.”

The Funeral Planning Center has also relieved a huge burden for Holloway.

“It’s taken a lot of the workload off our team,” Jonathan said. “We’re really fortunate to have an amazing producer who is now in the field selling rather than taking phone calls and scheduling appointments. The lead generation, the organizing and scheduling—those things are so valuable to us, and the planning center just does it all so effectively and efficiently.”

Breathing a Sigh of Relief

With Precoa, Holloway has a complete program that lives up to their standards for quality.

“You can already see the level of quality in how Precoa treats their employees and in their culture,” Britta said. “You know that if you’re working with an organization that cares that much about their people, they’ll treat their customers and vendors with the same mindset.”

Holloway is also able to secure future revenue and market share, which is essential in today’s competitive landscape.

Preneed is one less thing I lose sleep over at night. It just runs very smoothly with Precoa. Jonathan Holloway Holloway Funeral Home

“To have conversations about funeral service with families ahead of time has been a really important part of delivering quality services,” Jonathan said. “Precoa has a great structure to make sure families seeking advance planning are served well. From an ownership perspective, preneed is one less thing I lose sleep over at night. Because of our partnership, we don’t have a lot of upkeep and it just runs very smoothly. It just works well.”

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Holloway Funeral Homes wanted a proactive partner with the tools, resources, and expertise to help them grow through preneed. Precoa gives them all that and more with data-driven insights and all-encompassing support.

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